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     If you’ve come here wondering what firepay is, it’s a company that gives people a way to deposit money into an online casino, sportsbook, or perhaps poker room account. If you’ve opened an online bingo, casino, or poker account and have had trouble making a deposit so you can play for real money, firepay might be one of the options that is suggested to help you fund your account. Luck with automatenspiele can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!

     I don’t regularly fund my gaming accounts with Firepay (I use a different method), but I have used Firepay in the past without issue.

Firepay Casinos:
Get $75 free at Spin Palace!     A casino that obviously takes care of it’s slots players, Spin Palace uses the latest Microgaming games (which means they have all the bells and whistles like Autoplay, speed control, game statistics and even optimal play charts for games like blackjack and video poker). They offer a 100% matching bonus to new players making their first deposit, and of course they accept Firepay transactions. Hit the jackpot all slots casino online make your dreams come true!

    With Bingo games now available online, Kiwi Bingo is one of the online Bingo parlors that allow their customers to use firepay to play.

    Another online casino that allows players to fund thier accounts using Firepay is Blackjack Ballroom. They have they same games as the Spin Palace does, except they cater to a slightly higher roller. They offer increased limits on their table games, and the casino’s welcome bonus for new players is an impressive $400.

Instant Payments on your winnings     Phoenician Casino is another place to visit when you are looking for firepay casinos. They have a huge line-up of games, over 120 at last check. Someof their games can be played for as little as a penny to while away the time. Of course, they also have programs in place for the high rollers. They are also amoung the fastest paying of the firepay casinos.

    While there are many casinos online that accept firepay, I’m not going to name them all. The last one I would like to mention though is English Harbour who are one of the class acts of the online casino world. They offer completely different games than the other casino on this page, so if you’re interested in something different I’d recommend you give them a try. The casino itself has been around since the beginning of online gaming, and has earned a solid reputation amoung online casino players as a strong company that offers fari games and generous player rewards.

Different payment methods you can use to fund an online gambling account

     I don’t know where you live, and I don’t know what the laws about online wagering are in your area, and I leave it your responsibility to learn what’s legal or not in your area and make your own educated decision about whether or not gambling online is for you. But if you do decide that it’s prudent to wager online, be it at an online casino or an online poker room or even an online bingo hall, you’re going to need to figure out how to get the money into your account.

     If you’ve already tried to use a credit card and it was declined, or if you’ve tried to use Paypal and realized you couldn’t, then you’ve run into one of the artificial obstacles put in place to prevent you from doing what you want with your money. I’m a bit of a libertarian, and I think that people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their money, so I’ve written a brief guide to funding your online gambling account. I’ve listed a couple of what I think are the best online payment solutions, but there are other solutions available, not just these. So don’t feel like these are your only options, by any means.

Neteller is my preferred method for financing my own online poker playing.  (I’d originally used a prepaid phone card that the Party Poker folks sold me over the phone.  They didn’t actually sell it to me, but they did put me in touch with the company who did sell them, and then they let me use that card to fund my account.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with Party Poker’s customer care in this situation, because they called me on the phone immediately after I registered and my credit card declined, then walked me through the process.  Anyway, enough about that.  I opened a Neteller account a few days later and have been using their online wallet service ever since.)

     Neteller is a company in Canada who functions almost exactly like Paypal, only they specialize in online gaming transactions. They’ve been in business since 1999 and employ over 330 people.

     Setting up an account with Neteller is easy and fast, and their customer service is excellent. You can transfer money to and from other people, including online casinos and cardrooms. I have yet to try out an online casino or poker site who didn’t accept Neteller as a form of payment. Although I have heard rumors that some banks don’t allow Neteller transactions from your Visa debit card or credit card, I’ve never had that experience myself. (Apparently some banks have Neteller coded as a gambling company. My suggestion is to change banks if this happens to you. Who the hell is the bank to tell you what you can do with your money?)

A couple of pitfalls to avoid:
If you’re like a lot of people, you might use multiple email accounts. (I have 5 email addresses at home, and 1 at work besides). Be sure to use the same email address with Neteller that you’re using at the online casino or the online cardroom.
To use Neteller, you do need to certify your account.  It’s a relatively painless process.  You give Neteller your checking account info, and they make a tiny deposit or two (like 12cents)into your account. You advise Neteller how much they’ve deposited when the deposit shows up, and bingo, you’re now certified. (Paypal has a similar certification process).
    Once you’re certified, you can transfer money between your checking account and Neteller without paying any fees, just so long as your bank accepts electronic fund transfers. (And if your bank doesn’t accept EFT’s, they should. It is now the 21st century).

     Neteller does charge some fees for some types of transactions. If you use a credit card to fund your account, then Neteller usually charges a percentage on top of the transaction. (I think it’s 3% or 4%.) Also, if you want to use their Instacash feature, they charge a higher percentage, like 8 or 9 percent. This makes your transfer immediate in exchange for the extra charge. I generally prefer to wait a day or two rather than pay the additional amount.

One more thing Neteller offers that isn’t available to PayPal customers: ease of contact. All the contact information with Neteller is easily accessible from their site.

Firepay is almost exactly like Neteller, but it does have some selling points of its own.

     Their equivalent of Instacash doesn’t cost 8%; instead it’s only a flat $1 or $2 fee. (I’m giving ranges on these fees because it’s entirely possible that both Neteller and Firepay could change their fee schedules at any time.) This is Firepay’s biggest advantage over Neteller.

     One disadvantage that Firepay has when you compare it to Neteller is the ease of contact. They don’t have a toll free number listed on their site, but they do offer the ability to contact them using an online form that sends them an email. (I’ve read that they actually do have a toll free number (877-FIREPAY), but it’s nowhere to be found on their site, that I can see. Although maybe it’s in the members’ area. I don’t have an account with Firepay, so it’s hard for me to say).

     In the 21st century, when I want support, I want it now, so I prefer Neteller, because they make it extremely easy to contact them.

     All in all, one thing is sure about firepay casinos. Finding casinos that accept firepay makes depositing and playing easier for many of us.

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